CLIMATE CHANGE: It's raining literally every single day out here, the Midwest's crops are drowning

    In a record amount of rainfall for this spring, compounded by climate change and this year's Solar Minimum, it is raining constantly since mid May. The crops of the Midwest are drowning as a result, as there is too much water for the fields, and thus the farmers can't plant in tune for autumn...

    BREAKING: UK declares Climate Change Emergency

    The United Kingdom, in a world first, declared a climate change emergency yesterday in response to the "Extinction Rebellion" protests that warned, among other things, against overconsumption of meat, emitting more CO2 into the air, and clearing out ecosystems if the human race is to survive the...
  3. DRACO

    Puntland: declares Emergency

    Puntland state has declared a emergency due to drought . Puntland state is appealing for international donor funds help alleviate the effect of it . 70% of puntland mass is in the extreme drought stage and is unlikely to see rain for the next 5 months . #Prayers
  4. Thegoodshepherd

    Climate Change article in NYMag is scary.

    Very alarming article in NYMag. It seems that problems requiring collective action remaining unsolved will be the story of the 21st century.
  5. Prince Abubu

    I predict by 2050...

    ...most 3rd world countries will be destroyed by drought, floods, disease, severe food-shortage and earthquakes - particularly in Africa. Climate change will continue to ravage the landscape of non-european/North American countries and will cause a migration crisis that will make the one today...