1. A

    f*ck THE CEEB CULTURE!!!!!!

    f*ck the ceeb culture that governs a lot of you Somalis. I had people try shame my parents by telling everyone in the Somali community that me and my siblings sell sweets at school(just me)and have a car wash and grass cutting business when younger. My parents didn't care but told me not to sell...
  2. A

    Mac Minded stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He told a story about a man in Seattle who found out after divorce I believe, that none of the four kids they shared were his. Apparently this happened about 10 years ago. I wonder if anyone knows anything about the story.
  3. A

    Restitching hymens

    I was wondering if people have heard of Somali women who do this. My friends older sister had fallen out with her best friend and had decided to tell her fiance about her not being a virgin and having an operation to restitch her hymen. Needless to say meant he didn't marry her. I know for a...
  4. Boqor

    DAMN: Dahir Alasow "I fucked Farxiya Fiska"

    In a secret voice tape recorded without his permission; he says in a conversation to a woman of unknown identity that most Somali singers including big names like Halimo Gobaad, Hodan Abdirahman, Farax Kaftan, Idil Barkhad, Farxiya Fiska and Nasteexo Indho are big time drinkers, chewers and...
  5. YoungFarah

    Do you speak Somali?

    I'm pissed off Waryaada. How can you be Somali and not know Somali WTF. Like how is this possible. I've been staying at my younger cousins house for the past two weeks and these sambacs don't know Somali. They sound fuckin autistic when they speak and they have a hint of that Abgaal accent when...