1. BlackJack

    Men have no right to shame a girl for not wearing the Hijab in the West

    I will never understand why any man other then the girls father thinks he has a say in whether or not she should cover up. Ever since 9/11 and the raise of Islamaphobia in the west Muslim women especially Hijabis have become the main target for hate crimes since we are the most visible...
  2. BlackJack

    Opinions about this tweet

    I personally agree life isn't suppose to be enjoyable and fun it's a test after all. Allah will give us ajr for the times we suffered but still thanked him. Also a woman can't say she wants to marry a man like the prophet but refuse to be like Ammuhatul Muslimeen and vice versa.
  3. BlackJack

    Blackjack Thirst thread

    This thread is for me and my fellow reer taste to thirst over sexy men. SALTY FARAXS STAY OUT.
  4. BlackJack

    Y’all need to stop calling the Galbeed “Ogadenia”

    It’s just enforcing tribalism, you can’t name a whole region after one tribe that resides in it. There are so many different clans that reside there and they all deserve equal representation. So from now on if you guys can refer to it as the Somali Galbeed or the Somali region in Ethiopia it...
  5. BlackJack

    The Pope caught liking naked pictures