1. R

    Bashaal travel advisory for Faraxs - Latin America

  2. AarHawd_7

    Londoners soo gala

    Who went carnival today and how was it? Planning to go tomorrow, more than a million people expected in and around Noting Hill tomorrow. Its gonna be a mess still with niggaz beefing and shit. The time of the year has come when Suleekha, Hodan and big batty Hamda throw their hijaabs away and...
  3. TheMadMullah

    How many of you girls in here have a dream like this xalimo?

    am just curious about how many Somali women have the same dreams. Plz be honest about your answers we all anonymous anyway behind the screens
  4. Rooble

    Muuse BiixI rejects UAE base and Kulmiye party is committing electoral fraud

    According IndianOceanNewsLetter and African Intelligence The leader and presidential candidate of the ruling Kulmiye party in Hargeisa, Musa Bihi Abdi, admitted to senior party officials in Burao in early June that he was worried about the idea of the United Arab Emirates establishing a...
  5. S

    somali gamers

    To all the somali ps4 players. Let me know if you want join the biggest somali community on ps4. We got 80+ somali players and still counting. We got somalians from australian to canada. Preview is on tweeter (somalia1960ps4). The only 2 rules are 1) No qabil & calacal bullshit 2) Respect