1. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Sub-Saharan n1ggas are winning here!!

    Black faaraxs are being fetishized over here in T8rkey for that well known reason and are nothing less than a trend. Every T8rkish xaliimo wants to dig deep into that BBC stereotype.. but Sub-Saharan madows are winning and taking advantage of that while fob faaraxs are running after other fob...
  2. Soconmayso Jirjirooni

    Why is it so thou?

    Guys, Why are faarax attracted to dumb (I mean low 5iq) xaliimos? What makes smart xaliimos a turnoff even if they're beautiful?. Girls, Why do xaliimos like bad boys? Why do them xaliimos find gangster-wannabe tattooed faaraxs more attractive?. I need to know the psychology behind this shit!
  3. Cartman

    I’m becoming a new man during Ramadan

    I repent all my sins, please make dua for me. I’m going to be a good pious boy inshallah like @Tawheed :ohdamn: All this information about me being a drug addict, non virgin, and hood boy is wrong and I don’t know where everyone came up with that idea. I don’t think I ever gave off such an...