1. lst4RA

    east asian women

    come on it has to be illegal to be this attractive wallahi perfection, i should email her parents good job. shes also part white, but wtf is in their genes that makes them look perfectly sculpted by hand ******* hell now shes gonna marry some beta 5'9 asian dude instead of my 6'2...
  2. Prince Abubu

    Orang Asli

    There are a few indigenous groups in Malaysia and Indonesia. Orang Asli The most interesting group are the Negritos. They speak a Mon-Khmer language related to Cambodian and Vietnamese, yet they look like a mix of Africans and Papuans. Strange.
  3. Prince Abubu

    One thing that makes me...

    ...sad is when I'm walking around bookshops and libraries. You have entire walls and sections dedicated to the history and culture of China, India, USA, Britain, Japan etc. and a tiny corner dedicated to the entire continent of Africa. Makes me ashamed.:gucciwhat::meleshame:
  4. cantspeak

    My Family's Slave Its absolutely disgusting what they did to her. Its a long but fantastic read guys
  5. SultanuuFicaan

    Mongolian throat singing is brilliant.

    Fascinating , remember these are the same folks that had this empire and send shockwaves across the world. By far top 3 best general of all time in world history Subutai. Had plans to invade the Holy Roman empire too but the death of Ogedei khan prevented that. @Vanguard @oday1kenobi...