1. TheMadMullah

    When a Farah marries out vs when xalimo marries out

    from this two pictures we can clearly see who has higher standards. So I would let you guys do the final judgement! Farah with a cuban cutie Xalimo with a half gorilla inbreed:mjlol:
  2. TheMadMullah

    My Cousin divorced his wife 4 days into their wedding and he is PISSED OFF!

    I just got a call from my cousins younger bro and he told me his brother divorced his wife only 4 days into their marriage (4 fucking days). Let me break it down for you guys ! So my cousin is a petroleum engineer and got married in Qatar to this xalimo who moved from the U.K. Who is an English...
  3. Dhay Geel

    Arooskii ugu yaabka badna ee kadhacay megaalada Burco

    Guy from Burco gets married to his fourth wife, only to have his 3 other wives as bridesmaids.