appreciation thread

  1. GAZA

    Africa Appreciation Thread

    My favourite african foods My favourite african civilizations The mighty Adal Empire The Sokoto Caliphate The most influential of all of them the ancient egyptians Last month was november black history month in both the statea and the uk. Sorry for the lateness of the thread ps no...
  2. 486th President

    Nafiso Qalanjo Appreciation Thread

    Wallahi she is a true quenn her posts get me all the the time especially her edits and memes keep it up saaxiib you deserve a custom tag under your name just like @Basra maybe get more post and you’ll have a custom tag one that says “Meme Quenn” oooh Wallahi your a goat certified :lawd...
  3. Odkac WRLD

    Liltop appreciation thread

    Real nigga always blessing w the ratings. Seems like a standup guy, real old school. Very funny but also quite knowledgeable on different topics. Leave nice comments for the broski @Liltop expeditiously. :yousmart:
  4. lalayariis

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    @The Good I’ve noticed how you think you’re slick, but everything you write can’t be all that good. Share some funny posts of this memorable user and label it either one of the three. Be interesting and use posts that you find to be funny, and give appreciation back to Ontario’s finest...
  5. Odkac WRLD


    @Boogie i don’t know this kid very well, but his posts usually make me chuckle. His karbashes are quick and vicious. Lowkey poster, but a genuinely good, bright individual. Let’s all have toast to a real nigga. :wow: he aint finish puberty and he still a realer nigga than most y’all.:mjlol...
  6. Odkac WRLD


    Before I go any further: yes I understand I’ve made 5 appreciation threads and not a single one was made for me in return- but I accept that because I am an utter betasimpcuck:yousmart: ________________________________ The kind words made by @Saredo touched my heart today wlhi:mjlol: I don’t...
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Somali men are the most liberal men in the Islamic World

    Bro before you all go off... I know you are aware of all the gender wars and farax bashing but this is kind of an empowerment thread/ interesting thought that came to my head. If you actually sit down and think about it, Somali guys are truly the most liberal and best husbands in the Islamic...
  8. Odkac WRLD

    Funny niggas of SSpot Appreciation Thead

    Bro these 4 niggas+1 nigette have me in stitches whenever they post shoutout them 1) @Jablibax possibly the funniest weirdo nigga on this site this nigga tried to do an over the phone abtirisi to see if I was MJ and posted his actual phone number:russ::mjlol: 2) @Abdi Nur miskinka who is...
  9. Odkac WRLD

    Kanini Appreciation Thread

    I don’t know much about her and have had little encounters with her on sspot, but she radiates such positive vibes I feel it through my PC:salute: during one of my darkest days on SSpot, my photo was leaked. As people gawked at it and talked about my appearance, she was the one who alerted a...
  10. Odkac WRLD

    KayPassion Appreciation Thread

    Ik she was getting clowned over wiping the guys ass, but if you listen to her story mashallah she always tried to do the right thing but was just misguided she never committed zina w the dude, she’s married with one witness which is odd but I still 100% halal i am certain she married the...
  11. Odkac WRLD

    desert flower appreciation thread

    This woman means a lot to me wlhi :mjlol: My first sspot wife, got me over @Muji ’s constant abuse and taught me what I’m really worth :salute: Quick to offer a like or helpful thoughts when conversations are taking a left turn, I can say I see @Desert Flower as one of my fav sspot xalimos and...
  12. Odkac WRLD

    Muhammad Bire Appreciation Thread

    Since you inconsiderate fucks won’t post it I will awoowega waas :damn: I’ve been active on this account for about a month and racked up almost 1K positive reactions :denzelnigga: I have had some really popping threads in my short career I’ve made many powerful enemies I’m the man who men...
  13. Saalax Bidaar

    Appreciation Thread For Gambar

    Dhaqankiyo Asluubtiyo Dhalaalkiyo Quruxdaa Qeyrkaa ku dhaafto @Gambar Lama Dhalin Adoo kale I want to show my gratitude and appreciation for the lady of few words but full of wisdom. She is the calm in the midst of the storm, the authority in chaos, never agitated, always in control. She...
  14. CanIDimo

    MY future Latina WIFE

    i just found this latino girl i think she is the most perfect girl i have ever set my eyes on. i even made her my Avatar just to appreciate her beauty ANY SOMALI GIRLS WHO LOOK LIKE THIS?? can anyone here find her new @ for me if i could find a somali girl this good looking i be would the...