alpha male

  1. The Somali Caesar

    Toxic Masculinity is on the rise

    Lowkey Andrew tate has actually done irreversible damage to the male community. He's a menace to society:mjlol:
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Andrew Tate is weird

    He's no Alpha, he's just an insecure guy who's clingy. I cringe that I used to have that misogynistic behaviour :jcoleno:
  3. Lancer

    SL VP, Minister of Defense and Army Chief oo booqday jiida hore ee Tukarq

    Ultimate Alpha move. PL has been emasculated.
  4. K

    Legendary alpha in Hargeysa: 4 wives, 1 home

    Like a boss:salute:
  5. S

    I got scammed and I feel depressed

    I am really sad guys. What should I do. I threw away the guarantee card and I ended up with something I did not buy First time getting scammed. I will kill myself tomorrow.