african american

  1. Saintly

    Wallahi African Americans are lost

    My guy scarred himself for a college fraternity group ...And AA's say it's "cultural" and "powerful" to get branded like cattle in 2020, these people are lost :farmajoyaab:
  2. D

    An African American tells Somalis to stop disrespecting the African American community.

    What do you guys think of this?
  3. CanIDimo

    Rich the kid impregnates my favorite IG

    instagram models are expensive and dirty, and beautiful i guess. 3 months ago he had no idea who she was, he was asking his followers for her socials stating he want to impregnate her. and now 3 months later it has come to fruition, he impregnated her and got twins.
  4. Yungmulababy23

    African men can't control themselves when it comes to women

    African men are the most thirsty men on earth, they try to flirt with every women in sight. Years ago I worked at this store with these african negros, they were all atleast 30+ maybe 40 and they were flirting with every women, it was painful to watch especially when these idiots would try to...
  5. Yuna09

    Do you actually hate Bantus?

    Do you hate Bantu folks? I consciously try not to, but lowkey have a distaste for them, because of what the media and internet has shoved down my throat. Yea, and when I talk shot it’s usually in a joking manner, like a normal person. I assumed this about all of you guys, but many people say...
  6. chosen one

    Somali girl VS African American Tranny