1. CaliTedesse

    Special Report: Winners and Losers in Horn of Africa
  2. Thegoodshepherd

    Addis Ababa downtown

    Simply astounding. The speed at which Addis is growing is unbelievable. It is almost as if all the growth in Ethiopia is in Addis.
  3. Kezira

    Don't they look so beautiful ?

  4. Jungle79

    The new train from Addis to Djibouti went operational. Please watch..

    The Ethiopia-Djibouti railway has officially started. Passengers now get to Djibouti from the heartland of Ethiopia in just few hours.
  5. Jungle79

    Jigjiga Thee Beautiful.....

    Ethiopian-Somali Region capital city Jigjiga the beautiful.... More to come.. Stay tuned.. ;-)