1. Based

    Subxanallah. Some UK Xalimos are too far gone.

  2. Odkac WRLD

    @Figo soo gal

    A 37 year old man man in Kent, WA has been charged for cockfighting.:faysalwtf: If you are unaware of what cockfighting is, allow me to explain. Cockfighting is when two roosters are forced to battle to the death. Terrible sport. Illegal. Authroities confiscated 92 roosters! War @Figo you...
  3. N

    Qaamuus - LGBTQ

    Salam, ma ogtihiin what I found well hidden in the kitchen behind dusuuda?!!:icon e confused: So we have finally got a somali LGBTQ glossary translated from Swedish. I thought it was interesting that they defined Transexual as ”Cudur”:cryinglaughsmiley:if they knew it waa la karbaashi lahaa...