Zoobe bombing may have been revenge for botched US-led operation

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So a truck that came from Bariire, which Al Shabaab just took from AMISOM/SNA, is let through every checkpoint on the way to and into Mogadishu :faysalwtf:

Not a car, but a truck carrying the biggest bomb Somalia has seen. Coming from the town which literally just was taken by Al Shabaab after AMISOM withdrew. And they managed to stop a small Toyota driven by an al Shabaab guy that was supposedly going to the same location, but couldn't stop a fucking truck:kanyehmm:

Anyways, the article itself says this was al Shabaab, and the attacker had defected to Al Shabaab over two years ago.
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I heard it was an accident and that the attack was supposed to happen in a different place and that the victims were supposed to be the government.


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This current terrorist attack has somaliland fingerprints all over it the truck involved in the bombing is owned by dahabshiil and the perpetrators mother and wives are from somaliland.
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