Zimbabwe agrees to pay $3.5 billion compensation to white farmers



Zimbabwe finally gave in to the sanctions from the west. Rhodesians are getting paid. :icon lol:
where are they supposed to get 3.5 billions from
Wow what fucking idiots. Shit like this boils my blood.
When will innocent Zimbabweans killed in the Rhodesian war be compensated. Those lands the white farmers owned were first stolen by the Rhodesian paramilitaries from black land owners.
Shit like this makes me lose all hope in Africa.
These hoyofuckers made billions from diamond mining and other natural resources from Zimbabwe. All the dangerous and heavy lifting was done by the blacks. They just sat back and sold their diamonds in London, New York and Antwerp. And now they are being paid more billions.
They might as well bend over and let the white man fyck them in the asz as well.

Zimbabwe has now lost all hope and dignity. I will never in my life respect any n1ggers from that shithole.
Wallahi these coons are the epitome of dayuusnimo. Zimbabweans got invaded,subjugated,exploited and colonised by whites but they’re now going to pay “compensation” to their white masters :drakekidding:


It's all so tiresome
If i was getting the compensation I'd buy the bonds Zimbabwe used to finance this.

When they inevitably fail to pay up I'll let them pay me out using land they have in abundance.

It's obvious that they won't be receiving the full value of their old farms.

Millions of hectares was stolen so the government owes tens of billions.


It’s not that serious
Compensate what? Land wasn’t even theirs to begin with. No strong leaders in sight. Africans are embarrassing af