Youtube couple Terrol & Nakita break up

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This is why you should never bring your relationship into the spotlight.

I regret the day that I shared that I was engaged, all the qumayos on this forum were wishing bad on me. Even a certain qumayo *cough* waraabe *cough* brings my bae up every chance he gets.
You're engaged :gucciwhat:
I guess maturity levels isn't reflective of age, with all that Ashy Abdi bashing I thought u was 17.
That's good but u can't deny that light skinned people are more attractive than dark skin people. No self hating but that's reality.

Yea. He's light skinned and has nice features. Isn't that apart of what makes someone instantly attractive. And I like men who are as dark as night.
Basically, I like good looking men.
"Man is coming from a tough life. You get me bruv. Man is a soldier. Man 'as been in bare struggles. You don't even know blad. Man is holding it down like a G. Brap, brap, brap".

A very eloquent man. I can see why you follow his channel.

As for the who posted their private convo online, God save us from these witches.
The pretty lady fell for the Reformed thug -turned "entrepreneur " and Holy Moly man act . Many deluded females believe they can help reform former thugs, that is , until the " you get me -fam" inner persona comes out .
I don't know these peeps but I'll watch it @ home don't have earphones and am at work. Secretly on SSPOT while i should be rebuilding some website.
I should become an entrepreneur as well **sigh** Like that dude what does he do anyway?
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