Younes Osman Appreciation Thread

Bruh I barely understand half his posts but let's appreciate him I guess :rejoice:

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He is just innoncent and cute. Most of the time he does not know what he is talking about while some of his kins seem to be very passionate about the subjects lol. I just find him to be down to earth. I really like his exchanges with his kins and he constantly reminds time and time again he is subeeri. I just think his kins need to cut him some slack lol.

Long live YOUNES OSMAN !!!
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@angelplan he's just an odd fellow lmao. He also refuses to disclose his subclan for some reason
wallahi he is very random to the point of sometimes shouting himself in the foot. Yet somehow he is dead sure he knows which side he represent when out of the blue he interjects himself in FKD.

@Younes Osman must declare his sub sub if he wants to get indoor from the raining fire in the battle fields lol.


[Biyo Kullule iyo Baalade]#PIM#N&NDown
He is good kid, might not know much about the Somaliland tribes but he constantly reminds others who he is and is not scared to vioce his opinion,we appreciate him.