YAAB: Cadaan/Somali aroos.(SWEDISH)

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Maxaa idiinka gadhiish ah dad aadan aqoon u lahayn? Rag 24/7 gossiping online about the choices other make have joined the ranks of mama malyuun. Diracyo iyo garreeyso u soo xidha for your upcoming gossiping threads and please, post it on Facebook live and on YouTube.


Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
Me and my husband are less then 3years apart and he doesn't work for the taghut government Alxamdulilaah.
Bless her marriage, everything beats marrying a guy like you
Lets see if you will say that when you end up like xalwo and cheese
:siilaanyolaugh: Btw you both from Holland

Xalimos from Holland and cadaan obsession go hand in hand :icon e biggrin:
Xalwo and cheese is never gonna happen to me. My husband can't be a white supremastist since he is half non white secondly I am not a darky commercializing my self on Insta
Worry about yourself habibi. Marry before you become an odey with an calool culus and bidaar.
The first none fat or obese xaalimo I have seen in a wedding clip in a very long time, cadaanka don't play

It's only the blacks & farahs that are left with the trash, the ajanabis only take the healthy ones

The other day at work this Portuguese chick was telling me a story when she was obese, she only had access to black males or face loneliness, that was her first experience due to circumstances

When she dropped it all, she went back to her own, equally some white dude I work with said most of these obese fat white chicks would have lost weight had it not been for the free black male trash can

These cunts are so xaasid they are willing to send you to an early grave
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