Ya ilaahay yaqaan. Galkayo man frames a photo and claimed it's the Prophet

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Are they that stupid that people actually belief this nonsense or are people doing this because of clan. Like the fake prothets during the time of the Nabi S.a.w these people are cabiilist and misguided fools.
I don't hate. I just know what a women's natural predator is. :samwelcome:

A girl going on a date with a guy is statically going to meet her end slowly or by poor marriage:ayaanswag:
Not me walal.
The girl I meet will be in a state of utter bliss 24/7
We will have riveting duscussions about the mysteries of the universe.We will ponder on how to build a greater Somalia.All while on Las Qoray beach feeding each other fresh fish.
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