"Xi Jinping: Modernized army key to national rejuvenation"

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation
Xi Jinping: Modernized army key to national rejuvenation

If you were to attend a dinner with either Xi Jinping or Trump and talk with them personally- who would you sit and eat with?

The thing is.... you sit and eat with Xi Jinping, you probably leave the table smarter. I don't agree with atheism but Xi Jinping is clearly a smart man. And he's also demonstrating that he's not cowardly either. This man is like a modern day Mao Zedong.

You sit and eat with Trump, you probably leave the table dumber.

I want to be a smart person so I want to be with the smart people.

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation
Honestly, I think Turkey and Pakistan have the right idea. They are working with China and they seem to be going in a more Islamic direction and are free to continue to stand up for their anti-Zionist principles.

Meanwhile, look at Western-aligned Saudi- they're doing stuff like opening dog cafes.

This is not like the last Cold War. In the last Cold War, you kind of had to choose between Western imperialism or being pressured to move away from religion.

With this one- anti-imperialism and religious values seem to be on the same side. China isn't religious but Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran are religious and I don't get any impression that China is trying to make them less religious. Pakistan was even able to ban Tik Tok for moral reasons and I don't think China did anything against them.

This is a very different Cold War and I don't think the US is going to win. Furthermore, I don't think it's even desirable that the US should win. No one in their right mind should want to live in a world dominated by white supremacists.


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