Xalimos what type of man are you looking for (looks and personality)

Make it easier för yourself go search för women with low self esteem remember not to confused it confidence. Good hygien is important too.

Dont get married untill ur 30
xalimos hit my dm if ur interested



Education-Bachelor Degree


Skin color-not too dark nor am i lightskinned

Occupation-Manager of a big store at the moment.Make 75k a year

Still a virgin

Im a chill man and dont like much drama and dont get angered easily

good with kids





My Penis is a 6.5 inches so its not to big or to small

Never used drugs or drank alcohol

Eat healthy food and stay away from processed shit




Live life to the fullest
Mr @Wervelwind , I believe we haven't spoken and bear with me sxb , I am not here to wage a war, I come in peace , but how many threads related to this topic have you posted?

I believe the problem stems from there , realistically I don't think it's plausible that you'll find conclusive answers on any anonymous forum hence the probability are likely the odds.

But as a brother I will at least shed some light and give an advice to the many brothers and sisters out there.
Don't limit yourselves.
Interact more often , I may understand these unfortunate times like the pandemic may bring unnecessary frustrations but once it disappears , resurface to the realms of the world once again.
The ocean is vast and unforseen ,sxb , do not just look at the river or lakes.
You have to explore like Robinson Crusoe.
The world is a bigger place kkkkk
@The Inquisitive , everyone is unique in their own way , you'll discover your traits and personality as you grow up , time flies sxb , don't let it waste , what's stopping you from getting settled kkkkkk

Peace out .

Hodan from HR

Staff Member
I'm just too curious

Okay then, I'll answer you tho I am not looking to settle down anytime soon lol

Personally, "Mr. Right" has to be someone I trust. It might sound simple but it takes time to build trust.

Also, safety and security is what alot of women seek. Some are unable to articulate this need but subconsciously still want that from a man. There is always outliers so take it with grain of salt 🙃


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