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Would You Marry Him?

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What was the purpose of showing young Saddam Hussein? What you tryna get out of our answers walaal
A laugh

@Daacad90 this guy is infamous for being the king of qabilism. He propped up his dictatorship by literally gassing opposition clans and the Kurds who didn't behave. He's Saddam Hussein former President of Iraq
Why marry somali? Do you want hypertension? You should marry the arab guy. Awowgeeyga ii dhaley he's my cousin and yours:yousmart:
They're better in every aspect. I already planned it. I'm gonna find me a sweet one who is average, we'll live average lives in an average home. Have children and live happily ever after.


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Gassing political opponents . You knew this whole time it was Saddam? it was just a bait thread tbh @Kanini was smart enough to reverse image search lool.
That's how war works, he was defending his people from tyranny. Look at the sunnis in iraq now, minority in their own country.