Xaax i wonder if she is single

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That's some serious dark chocolate. I noticed South Sudanese are some really tall people.
Nilotic people are some of the tallest in the world along with the Dutch. Manute Bol is one of them the tallest NBA player at 7'8 or something. Dark tall people = Somali peoples nightmare.
Her name is Kenuta Beatrice. She South Sudan and she is engaged from what I heard.

She is very famous with 2.1 million followers on instagram.

I know her cousin.


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Bantu fever. :whew:
There's this bantu chick that interns at our office. I was really close at being her mentor, but I was OOO in her first month so she was assigned to another bastard. Walahi I am sure he's having fun with her :ohlord:
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