It’s normal for couples to occasionally not be in the mood, but if this is a regular occurrence then I’d probably divorce her. No point of being in a dead bedroom marriage.


To each their own
Ofcourse if she's sick or on her period but theres no other excuse, not even her job. Heaven and happiness are raising her kids and being respectful to her husband. no?
Your basically saying as long as she is in good health she needs to be your sexual reliever 24/7. No one would be able to argee to this terms on their right mind.

A relationship isn't only built on sex and children. You are a delusional if you think every ladies dream is to pump out kids.

Females are human beings too


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
I would first try to see if there's anything bothering her, maybe she is upset with me or she is sick or simply she can't be bothered, which are all valid reasons. If there's nothing wrong, then it simply means no malab that night :)


It’s not that serious
Thats literally what women were created for. They were created from mans rib so they belong to men. Cad nalaga jaray oo na loo jaray baad tihiin
Oooh is that so :ohreally: I had no idea. Thought it was for companionship?? Alright since women belong to men I'm looking for my owner. If anyone could direct me to my owner that would be highly appreciated.


A mere finger can’t obscure the sun.
Madness. I would hope it's trolling but it seems as though these creatures only see women as a piece of meat. Talkin bout her Islamic rights to her husband smh, what about the wife's rights?
It’s frightening how they dehumanise women.