WTF moment

Women have it hard. :farmajoyaab:

Seattle nurse says 2 women were hospitalized this week after trying to use a VACUUM hose to end their periods early

  • The women were aged 23 and 19, and both went into 'shock' after the DIY method triggered a rush of blood
  • So-called 'Menstrual Extraction' was first described in the 70s as a way to perform an abortion at home
  • Recently it has gained popularity as a method to end periods early


"You are your best thing"
Can’t blame them, periods can be inconvenient. It makes it’s visit just when you plan a trip/anything fun. Edo @Basra tell these boys how inconvenient periods used to be for you


Wtf, they sound retarded. They lack a rudimentary understanding of biology. I’m tempted to suggest they not reproduce.

The only way you can bypass your period is through pharmaceuticals (birth control pills taken in a certain way). I know people who do it, and I’m interested in doing it myself. Imagine that fucked week erased.