Wtf a Somali singer with tattoos being celebrated.


باسمك اللهم
This is the real Somali music. Music :dzmxmmb: dance :dzmxmmb: Voice :dzmxmmb: Lyrics. This is the whole package:

That effeminate nigga with the tattoo should do us all favour and hide his face from the public. What a disgrace


King Of NSFW
lets stop this right here sir. nobody should be protecting anyone who sins publicly without a regret. thats it.
Why would I protect someone whose clearly wrong besides I’m not the type to get into anyone’s buisness, I’m just pointing out some hypocrisy I see
I'm just saying I hold it down for my abdis the faraxs in this forum are snakes they never defend the khasaaro faraxs but the xalimos will defend their khasaro's:ohno:


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