Wow, this is so embarrassing

I met a tutsi from Rwanda few months back, and he told me fdk is banned in Rwanda. How can we possibly compete with people like that when in Somalia we have a clannist president and opposition who are also clannists? :mjkkk:
fkd is the lifeblood of our nation i fear that if we where to removed it would lead to the collapse of what remains of somalia
Rwanda are in $4 billion dollars in debt that’s roughly 50% of their GDP. They’re a small landlock country that relies heavily on it’s Coffee exports estimated to be 80% of their exports. Plus they have a dictatorship

I can show a ton of beautiful pictures of Nairobi Kenya but they too are crumbling in debt especially to the Chinese. Be careful what you wish for.
People need to stop thinking shinning building = development. A lot of developing nations in Africa and other third world have rife corruption and inequality.

Nairobi for example has the largest urban slum in Africa.