Would you marry a rape victim?

Would you marry a victim of rape?

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Malcolm X

The price of freedom is death
I ain't going to ask her recount the rape step by step complete with a roleplay.

All I want to know is that how did it happen. Like I said earlier, most rapes happen because woman or man said no and other person refused to accept it when sexual urges are at their highest in a private setting.

If that's what happened, it'd be hard for me to accept her but I'd overlook that if i like her enough

If it happened out of nowhere, I'd pretend that the rape didn't happen and handle the baggage myself for her and I'd even be patient with her hesitation in bedroom because that's what love is about
I would only if she can move on from it and close that chapter of her life behind and in her past. I wouldn't if it would disrupt our relationship.
Only men who've gone to prison were raped. But the prick did something to be in jail so I don't know why you'd be marrying a felon.
Some people are unjustly imprisoned. You've got harmless connoisseurs of marijuana getting locked up for lighting a blunt and hard working prossies trying to bring a little happiness to old farts getting sent down. Many people behind bars don't belong there. They're in for victimless crimes. I swear atheists are so dumb.
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