Would you eat this?

The only reason you made this thread is to tell us that you went to south Korea :ulyin:

Weirdest thing I ate was fried grasshopper in Mali :hillarybiz:

Locusts aka grasshoppers are a delicacy in the Gulf Arab region too and they believe it cures many diseases. They boil them and then dry it on the sun. Tastes nice and crispy.

What’s the weirdest thing you ate? I get grossed out pretty easily so I don’t try things. I really wanted to try the octopus when I was in South Korea but I chickened out last minute
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It looks ticklish lol I dont want to be laughing around randomly only because something tickles in my tummy lol I dont chew properly which means a lot of them will be alive in my stomach. No thanks unless this is my drug of choice lol
I don't usually say that food is disgusting because it's another person's diet/cuisine but that's really something else to eat.