Would you beat his ass up or try reasoning with him?

How would you react

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I was a destructive child, I remember my dad giving me ass whoopings for breaking things :mjlol: One of the reasons I have no interest in having a kid myself.


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I don't remember my dad , he died when I was 3 , but I remember my savage uncles abusing the shit out of me and my brothers,
***** ass geeljires. :mjlol:
I heard my awoowe used to do the same to them , but I'm gonna break that cycle of savagery :mjswag:
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Hodan from HR

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I will join him. Make the most out of the mess like the cool hoyo I am


we are driving to the mall to get baby size mop and bucket coz if he is ready to make a mess in my kitchen, he is clearly ready to clean..


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Bruh what is the logic in the video? You can teach your children what the thing is but the child has caused harm. He is young so no whooping but a time out. After getting a punishment then you can teach him.
I'd probably just grab a mop and make it clean it himself :manny:
My father taught me to clean up my own f*ck-ups, best life lessson wallahi.