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Worst and Best user


Aspiring Buraanbur Artist.

Hey, you weren't supposed to get that right:birdman::lolbron:
Fr im 19 tho, its just that most of my friends are older and are in their late 20s. I am eldest so I was forced to mature early, I got my first job when I was 14.
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"You are your best thing"
Thank you eedo :oops:
Also I rewatched the dutchess. I must say I love the lady in your profile pic even more finding out that it was based on a real story.
The dutchess was the first naag nool and as a white women she did it 300 years before us Africans. It’s sad she succumbed to the pressures of being a white naag nool and went back to her horrible husband:(
Are you trying to take my spot as @Basra ‘ favorite?

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You were proposing to me a month ago but now I’m just a “kpop stan”
Hey hey, I didn't know you liked ching Chong niggas ffs :ohlord:, the wuhan honeymoon is postponed, but once its open again, you best know we feasting on that octopus and bat soup:banderas:

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