World Qualifiers: Zimbabwe vs Somalia 2nd leg 9AM EST/2PM GMT


Somalia lost today and Djibouti won today.

Somalia got too cocky in the end which led the Zims to score twice, idiots.
Instead of holding the ball the lost it cheaply in the end and just kicked out of the field giving zim that possession to score that last goal. Some of the players didn’t pass it when they needed to and just ran into Zimbabwe player instead

You can tell this team wasn’t coached well. Still impressive to make it competitive

Macalin M

Ain’t stopping till we chilling at the top
If I didn’t want to do something useful in life I would hit up adeer and tell him to get me a trial.

There was a really talented kid in the xaafid I was at in Xamar. I need to get him called up. He had so much flair and technique. Mashallah

Macalin M

Ain’t stopping till we chilling at the top
Pfffft at least we didn’t get humiliated like Seychelles. Rwanda is absolutely bullying them fucking hell.


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Ethiopia qualified.

Djibouti also

We still have Somali representation!
Go ON Djibouti!
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Zimbabwe needed to score 2 goals in 6mins + extra time.Wallahi I thought it was game over for them but we somehow just looked like a nervous wreck.

Tbh even if we went through, we would've got absolutely violated by Nigeria/Ivory Coast etc.

Imagine Wilfried Zaha against our defence:faysalwtf:

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