Working with animals you noticed unsettling human similarlies

1. Dogs form cliques or gangs. At one dog daycare, the large black labs formed a gang and would attack white coated dogs. Another, had a group of Frenchies who terror the other small dogs. At the current place I'm at, the small dogs have a clot just for certain dogs. The owner of the place's bulldog is the leader.
2. There are love triangles. The worse one was these two dogs that we're best friends and the owners were close, too. Both are male and been friends since they were puppies. One of the owners got another who's a girl and the both fell her. They fight constantly now and the most fucked up thing is the girl gives no shit about either of them.
3. Some of are racist towards certain breeds. One dog at my job that hates huskies. Like if he sees one, he will bully them and try to fight them. There's a uncle ruckus version there. There's a bulldog that hates other bulldogs.


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Let Them Eat Cake
Dogs are social animals, isn’t really that major their behaviour emulates humans in certain aspects. We do have instincts after all difference is we’re self aware.

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