WODE MAYA releases 1st video of Somalia. Canadian-Xaliimo living in Hargeisa hosted him. She then says “We eat watermelon because of SCW Nabi Maxamed”


Fish has lots of health benefits. Somalis don’t even have to eat fish though we could just fish and farm it to export. Not everybody in Maine eats lobster for instance but they still export it.
Somalis never used to eat fish. Someone in my family worked on an infrastructure project with Somalis in the 70s and they wanted to build a farm near the coastline. :mjlol: One ajnabi guy asked them why not harvest fish as a crop instead and they said it smelled bad. There appears to be some taboo surrounding eating fish. Meat was always more prized.
in xamar i was eating hilib ari and geel. :mjlol:
You know whats funny i just found out that somalis dont eat fish because if you eat fish you are considered poor:mindblown: The langaabnimo of somalis never amaze me
They looked down upon nearly everything that isnt nomadic :
fishing, smiths and leather production ,farming , circumcision of men & women .
That's why all the minority clans do such work


Nothing really to do in Hargeisa, he just kept replaying the same scene of a hotel. His Xamar one will be a bit more lit since he is visiting DarEsSalaam village and visiting the coast.
Enjoy the numerous videos he'll upload on Somaliland 👍


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Not true for all Somalis, its mostly a nomadic tradition. There are coastal communities that traditionally depend on fish.
And yet in places as far as Barawa the lamagoodle did not eat fish (in the 70s). I think your reference point of Somalis is newer than mine. I know in Djibouti and other parts of the Somali inhabited coastline there are some groups that eat fish but it's more so a recent dietary adoption rather than a long standing one. I stand behind my claim. Cushitic groups had certain taboos around fish consumption. The locals always used to see it as inferior to other animal meat. :lol:


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