Winter is coming, gyms are as dangerous as ever, how are you keeping fit in the coming months?


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
I'll probably be 30 pounds heavier.:mjcry:
same here, I am avoiding gyms for a while. In the mean time I have set up a small gym at my house with resistance bands, recumbent bike and jump ropes for now. I don’t want to risk going to the gym because I am around my elderly parents every other day :)
thankfully our gyms are still open. Hope to god it never closes. Been making great gains and its only been 2 weeks


in scandinavia life hasn't change much since the ling ling epedemic fucked the world so the gym are still open i feel bad for u anglophone countries


It smells like...
Resistance bands with door ring, yoga mat and YouTube. Workout after salatul Fajr in the room, a shower and then crack on with my day doing my thing #CaajisFitness


When working out, your metabolism is on overdrive and your immune system becomes much stronger. You're honestly better off working out in a gym than getting fat and being scared of a virus with 99% survival rate.


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