Will Your Family...

Will they disown you?

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I have converted many Somalis back from atheism, agnosticism, satanism, creationism, vegetarianism, Arabism, socialism, teetotalism, dhilo-ism, neoconservatism, and gaylordism.

So no, I would not disown my children. I would guide them to the siratul mustaqeem.


Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
My parents will be concerned more about if brought a jareer woman than if I left Islam

Our bond is unbreakable.
Disown you if you tell them that you are no longer a Muslim?
One time when I was 12 I said there is no god and my ayeeyo said not to say or I'm gonna go to hell. My family is weird there is both successful and unsuccessful people. We even have alcohol drinkers(gasp) in the family. My sister said she's an intersectional feminist???? What the hell is an intersectional feminist????


Intellectual saqajaan
In most cases, they already know it but telling it to their face is a gut punch. So that's why you shouldn't tell them. They already know you don't value Islam and they'll get used to it.


Intellectual saqajaan
@:333 Do they not know by now that you're not a Muslim? Would telling them be the straw that broke the geel's back? In my case they already know but telling it to their face will give them a heart attack.


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