Will Facebook care about Muqdisho like Paris?

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Lets see if Facebook shows its cares about Somalia.

I urge all the fobs to stop using Facebook.

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You guys saw the blood and destruction in Mogadishu. That is what Real tragedy looks like. The Paris, Vegas and all these other places in The West are all staged/hoax.
Very disappointed in Mark. We've adopted him into our community & he seems to have forgotten us
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In all seriousness, those fb filters are purely symbolic and will not do much for the injured/deceased. We are on our own. At this point, it's best to remember the victims and put our money where our mouths are until we get to the root of this tragedy.
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Guys, don't feel sorry for yourselves. Don't seek sympathy. There's no help on the way. Help can only come from within. If you help yourselves, you will get to take credit for what you achieve, without being forever indebted to onion-eating robed people or the west.


Prediction: Zuckerberg will run for president in 2020 as a neo-liberal and lose 35 out of 50 states to the orange bafoon.
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