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Why some somalis dont want K5 free?


Fuck you im from Mudug
I have personally met some spineless mentally enslaved zombies booty clapping for amxaars even going as far as saying they are ethiopians:draketf:


Self imposed exile
Everyone in K5 is probably terrified they'll get outed as ONLF supporters.

However in Kenya it's the opposite. Half the neef there consider themselves Kikuyu.
May the people of K5 have the first honour of destroying the tplf regime and take down the "low key" greater abyasinia project the cursed tigrayans are trying to implement. Ameen :banderas:


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Refer to its rightful name: Ogadenia. Don't be a hater, only laangaabs are haters.


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K5 is a region in ethiopia, it will remain in ethiopia forever, we have no claim to that land.

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