OPINION Why Somaliweyn was never established

Somaliweyn was never established before in history so the very idea of all Somalis across the peninsula uniting is a very new idea. No Somali espoused these sentiments until the Mad Mullah.

The reason Somaliweyn was never united is simple. It's the lack of basic infrastructure to connect the vast territory. In America the U.S. government built the Interstate Highway not to just enable commerce and leisure travel to take place across the continental United States. But more importantly to be able to deploy federal forces anywhere, in ample time. Somalia's government lacks that because it lacks basic transport infrastructure.

Infrastructure is so critical to nation building and winning wars. Alexandria the Great was so successful militarily not because he was a brave man, but because he was a pioneer in logistical militarism. He was able to move his forces on the enemy in such concentrated formation that no enemy would be able to resist his forces. He concentrated his forces at one point to break the formation of an enemy evenly spread. This strategy always works but most nations in warfare lack the infrastructure to make it happen.

In short, unless and until Somalia has a national highway network and forts along it that enable mechanised armies to deploy anywhere in the country within a day, no government in Mogadishu will have control over the nation.


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Interesting perspective, I hadn’t thought of it like that. The infrastructure is important but I don’t think at this present time it’s what’s stopping us. Or let’s say the main reason.
Valid point no doubt, it would've had reasonable impact if we had those infrastructure in place, nonetheless that's not what's stopping us is it, its tribe as usual, played right into the enemies divide and conquer strategy.
I see a lot of people saying tribalism is the root cause of problems in Somalia. Thats one of the problems. But even that we fail to appreciate how simple it is to resolve. Almost all tribalism in Somaliweyn is from the pastoralist community whereby Somalis had to fight other Somalis for grazing land and water wells for their camels. When civil war broke out the pastoralists in the rural parts of the country were displaced and forced into cities. They bought their tribal life-or-death mentality to the cities. Hence why our cities have grown really fast since the civil war an almost all on sectarian lines. It isn't organic growth from a high birth rate in cities but rather with the influx from the rural communities.

I strongly believe in order for us to end tribalism we need to stabilise Somalia's rural economy. Instead of having the pastoralists fighting over water, let the state build one nation-wide canal to be used exclusively by pastoralists to provide their livestock with drinking water. That way there will be no need for inter-tribal fighting around water wells. All pastoralists will pledge allegiance to the central government because it is who provides them with the water and ensures the security of their livestock (through universal electronic tagging of their livestock).

We need to focus on the rural economy of Somalia and in so doing we'll be able to cut the head of the snake as oppose to these other policies of tolerating ineffective and corrupt dictatorships with the hopes of it being a short term solution.


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It was an idea born in the north, adopted by the south but it became reality briefly in 77, the 3 largest chunks of Somaliweyn was under one rule, Somali rule, what was missing was the tiny djibouti under French and NFD under weak kikuyu sankadhudhi which is smaller than Jubaland.

Going forward we need to evolve with the time and think of Somaliweyn in new ways beyond centralized rule from Mogadishu.

Somalis only accept 2 choices, being weak independent states, or independent from Shisheeye under united strong state. The latter is more acceptable but with more devolution of centralized authority, and a smart diplomatic approach in regards to colonized territories.
If there is an individual person who could single handedly rule all of ex Italian Somalia what clan, sub clan etc. would he belong to?