Why should I be grateful?

Recently I heard a Islamic scholar say that as Muslims we should be grateful to Allah SWT because we have been given the gift of life. I want to challenge this. I did not ask to be born. I have never enjoyed life. I would much rather I was dust. I have multiple health problems. Why on earth should I be grateful for life? Why do Muslims say this? Can anyone explain?

Northern Swordsman

Tawxiid Alle lahaw, Talo na Alle saaro.
It was not your choice to be born, you did not have any choice, its Allah who decides who he creates and who he doesn't. As for your problems they're a trial and a test Allah gave you to see if you'll still be a grateful servant. You're not the first or the last to go through such trials, prophets had to go through this as well like Ayub who was afflicted with loss of wealth, family and was sick for over 15+ years.

As Muslims we accept that Allah created us to worship him no matter what problems we have. Thinking negatively about Allah will have a negative impact on you as Allah says "I am as my servant thinks of me." So think positively and in a good way about Allah and ask him to lift your struggles. No thorn hurts a Muslim except that it'll be penance and through which the believer gets rewarded by Allah.

Don't loose hope in Allah and supplicate to him sincerely.
There are ppl who would traded places whit you. Life is up and down. Most of us are suffering, but you don't see us complain.

Thats qadr and imaan. Never lose hope! allah swt have better plans for us

Diaspora ambassador

''Dagaalka gala'' Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali
Walaal you chose to be bere though.

As an soul you did not pass up the chance to partake in this test.

Read up on the deen, a whole world will open up.

If you are a sincere and religiously practicing person, and still go through hardship. The explanation is that Allah might be trying to elevate your status in paradise. Don't forget this world is nothing but a test for us muslims.