Why Puntland is the mother of Federalism.

Galmudug, Hirshablle, Southwest, and Jubaland state are all unconsolidated states with clan rivalry's, and Al Shabab jabhads besieging towns. Puntland elders sat together and came to an understanding of mutually assured destruction, in a sense; if you get leadership we won't rebel and if we do we bot lose. Puntland is as safe as any western country and is developing rapidly with schools, hospitals, and modernizing Airports. We have been used as a punching bag of criticism but I'm sure any other state in Somalia would pray extensively to be in the same condition as Puntland. Our regions folk focus on how we can reach our full potential instead of how our tribe can get the mayor, governor or President because that isn't really the most important aspect. The peace is what we take pride in, we have repulsed Al Shabab, ISIS, and many other violent insurgents to the extent of anhelation. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Deni, he is one man in a deep state grass rooted system he wouldn't be able to break had he even tried.


Panem et circenses…
I’m gonna be real.

Puntland has good safety and excellent social programmes and standard of living.

Good access to water/electricity, each city has public recreation areas, libraries across the state and decent schools. People can walk home safe at night and not fear of being caught up in violence.

That’s about it.

No city in Puntland is near Mogadishu or Hargeisa in terms of development. We don’t have a port like Berbera or an airport like Aden Adde.

The roads are built lazily, a thin layer of asphalt on compacted dirt. There is barely any dual carriageway roads in the cities, Galkacyo’s main road is still single lane.

The airports, despite the renovation is still a decent runway with a godforsaken terminal. Better than Hargeisa but still lacking.

Puntland’s primary problem is complacency. It requires a reality check to develop lest other gobols overtake it.


And The Father Of Somaliyee Not Somalia