Why Israel is a Tech Capital of the World

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Israel is arguably the leader of the Middle-East(if Turkey is excluded).

Kudos to them for building themselves a paradise for the Jewish nation.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?

I'm hopeful sometime in the future the same can be said of Somalia.
I hope so as well, but not in our life time. I would say, 100-250 years. I mean look at us now, most are malnourished at a young age, preventing the brain from developing, most can't read or write, so how are we going to research anything?, and most importantly, most people are brought up in regions where you-know-who are, so religion will always be there answer. I myself am religious and so are the people of Israel, but that shouldn't get in the way of advancing our nation,people or culture. Hopefully, a miracle will occur and we will see the light in these dark time, grab a hold of it and progress forward.

One thing I might add is that, even if we do go into the technology field, we will be at least 70-100 years behind others, hopefully the diaspora can fill this gap and push us forward.


Anything outside of the west coast (Cali, silicon, Seattle) and tech should never be mentioned in the same sentence :mjlol: maybe they can claim some historical heritage type shit with guys like zuckerburg :pachah1:but the truth is the Jews in tech have never been to Israel and there last ancestor there was from the time they were kicked out thousands of years ago:lolbron: (similar to Indians claiming gypsies)
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