Why is it embarrassing for guys to be with a woman taller than them?

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I'm 5'7 so my husband has to be at least 6'0. When I see a man shorter then me I think of someone underdeveloped.
Feel bad for niggas who are born in the west but are under 6ft(probably sheit diet). How can you be somali and be shorter than 6'0 or 5'8, that's some xaarbashi shyt.:wow1:

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Didn't check my height in a couple years so i'm probably taller. I'm still usually the tallest nigga in the room. :win:


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I don't really get the embarrassing part about it. If I saw a dude with a taller woman, I would be impressed.
This reminds me of this social experiment video. Guys were like, must be the wrong match sorry, others dipped and never returned. She hugged 'em like little kids hugging their parents after coming from school, tuff:mjlol:


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I know some short/average guys who are very attracted to tall women and exclusively date them.

It is a thrill for them and I quote to "take down a woman like megan the stallion"

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Like an amazon. Depends how tall, something masculine about it after a certain point.
Its only embarrassing if the height difference is something mad imo. Alot of short men constanstly think people are plotting on their b!tch :drakelaugh: i mean who hasnt seen some short guy and thought i can take his b!tch. Happens alot :heh: and this why nearly all of them have short man syndrome :pachah1:


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I don't really get the embarrassing part about it. If I saw a dude with a taller woman, I would be impressed.

Well huuno, height is connected to sexuality. height automatically gives u confidence. A man needs height to feel normal. Being taller than a man for a woman is suppressing if not depressing, because she will constantly need to lean over side ways to match her husband sad height. The core idea is domination. A man needs to be tall and big, and able to dominate the petite woman to satisfy his animalistic sexual instinct or desire. Now, dont get me wrong, there are confident shorter men who can dominate a woman to her senses, but those are spoiled by the shorter man irrational temper usually from frustration of not being seen. It is miserable to live with a short man.
it must suck being short nigga. i send duas to all the bros suffering as a result of this.
Being tall won't save you from hell fire

Your physical doesn't MATTER what matters is your soul and the good deeds you do and even if your blessed with good height and looks it won't last for death is near work on your soul my dear Watson