Why I Consider PL Supreme


I won't lie I do have an emotional attachment to the lands of my ancestors and that is quite natural. Everyone loves their history and origins and where their ancestors lived. This isn't something unique to me only but is a human trait. But the reason why I feel PL is supreme to the rest of Somalia is not just on pure 'calacaal' or 'emotions'. I have some fundamental reasons for this and I've yet to see any Somali show me where I am wrong about it.

I love how PL has it's own state and doing it's own thing like a fully fledged nation while it also participates in Mogadishu to dictate what happens there. Where-as when u see @Calaf and HAGS, what u will see is 'stark' difference. U will see these guys participating in Hamar yet back in their home-land it isn't moving forward nor are they managing it. All their eggs are in this one basket called 'mogadishu' and this is where I feel PL will always be 'supreme'.

Our eggs are not all in Mogadishu, if u guys turn that place into a jungle again, PL can still function and operate and will relocate the international community to PL. I also see Absame @Farjano-Walad also utilizing this strategy by creating a JL that is absame based and going to Mogadishu and doing a 'karbash' on HAGS/Marehan and dictating matters and then going back to JL and doing his own thing 'separately'.

The only clans I see who are heavily involved in Mogadishu are Murusade-HG-Abgaal-Marehan and ironically I see the same correlation in their regions which shows there is nothing happening and it's devolving. If these niggas operated like PL/JL, I would have mighty respect for them as equals but I don't see that, I see the opposite and this is why I feel PL is superior to them. These naflacaris are all vested into the capital yet in their home region they have nothing which shows me 'clan wise' they are bankrupt in all areas be it the brains and elites or be it their economics. War qurun yahow bakhtiga ah miyadan damir lahayn. Niin gurigisa dhisanayo sida Deni oo hamar kugu imanayo oo kugu karbashayo ka bacdi ka taagayo while u sit there in mogadishu like a naflacari neglecting your homelands? this proves the clans who are weaker an stronger, there is no question in my mind about that. So there u go on why I hold PL to be superior and deep down Somalis who like to examine things practically will probably agree with me here.


@Calaf come on sxb your a great debater challenge me that I am wrong, I want to be proven wrong, I hate holding onto something without 'challenge' because it can be 'myth' in my own head. Challenge my premise. PL builds it's home while it karbashes clans in Mogadishu politics and steers the nation how and where it wants. JL is also seeking to build a similar profile like @Farjano-Walad knows where he goes to mogadishu dictates and karbashes and then keeps his JL separate to himself. Where-as you and HAG are all in HAMAR and have nothing in your homelands.

This is clear difference and shows 'ninka somali ku nool ma aha absame iyo mj' waa inaad aqbasha taas at least because they are doing their own things separate from Somalis. Where-as you are not doing your own thing in Gedo nor Abudwaq and nor is SW/GM/HS doing jack shit in their homelands. This is some clear differences between the clans that cannot be dismissed but needs a deep investigation and response from you. It shows me that HAG/Marehan are small clans with small base of elites, capital, etc and cannot function outside the 'Somali umbrella' and this makes pure sense why your all caged into hamar like 'langaabs' lol. Isma bixin kartid ama meel ma istagi kartid waa inaad aqbasha, marka beeluhu ma sinna, marka 4.5 waa garbage and we need to go back to powersharing on 'realness'.

HAG/Marehan should only get the same representation combined as PL or JL, the reason for this is, you guys crawl around the capital trying to suck the titties of the somali card because the Marehan or HAG card simply has nothing and that's why your regions look like shit. I think @Karim sees this also but no-one really speaks about in TV and brings it to the table, it's kept hush hush an shit but I would be one of the explosive politicians from PL and I will bring this to the table si loo kala baxo oo runta laysksu sheego.

MT Foxtrot

Your entire post can be summarized as "muh ancestors" and a mawkish attachment to an imagined past. Is this all that motivates your politics?

This post should be textbook reading for anyone that believes qabilists are worthy of engagement. You can't reason with a moron whose intellectual foundation rests on this vacuous trash.


Veni Vidi Vici

You forgot one thing. Unfortunately, We ain't President/Governor of any state. Vice President/Governor, yes. MX and HAG are not the same. They have states, and yet they get played by the MX sitting in office. How is this possible, you have the whole Federalism under you, being President from 2011 to 2016 and having 2/3 Federal States, but yet Hawiye cannot unite. We are not running for the same reason as HAG. But, this "status quo" allows us to run for power in Mogadishu. That is why you never seen a OG president or Prime Minister in office ever or a MJ President for the past 12 years. You have states to control, we don't. So we run for the best thing avaliable, President of the Federal States of Somalia, or Prime Minister. The places where MXs lives, Gedo, Caabduwaq and others, are being built. That is why we have Vice Presidency. To watch out and build, but the main jewel is "Xamar", the kursi of President makes up the lost.