Why don't we use the name Araweelo?

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Caraweelo waa fictional character like Dhgdheer

Ishaad ka riday :yousmart:

Araweeli, dhagdheer, igaal shidaad etc are all fictional characters formed in somali folktales. None of them existed.

One of my favorite childhood heroes was wiil waal, i used to think he was the shit back in his days as the tales portray him smart, warrior and ladies were madly into him. I'm not gonna lie, i wanted to be just like him but i'm also aware of the reality of that is, he was, too, a fictional character. Sad:mjcry:
We need to revive Somali names like Caraweelo. I'm going to hit something if I see another negro calling himself Abu this and Ibn that like they're Arabs. Indonesians keep their cultural names. Look at the names of their presidents: Suharto, Sukarno etc. But Somalis give up their ancestral names to ape desert dwelling fags.

This triggered me a bit :shookgabre: http://www.waryapost.com/legendary-somali-queen-caraweelo-actually-ethiopian-jewish-queen/
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