Why doesn't the SFG or President Ahmed Islam start the campaign to free middle Juba?

All I have heard is false promises the last four years and I am tired of the incompetence of Jubalands and SFGs armed forces. I can't wait any longer because Iwannt blood to be spilt. My lands needs to be freed and has been under muslim rebel occupation for too long. Why don't the two parties mobilize the armed forces and start the campaign already? If the MZ president isn't willing to spill blood for Cawlyahn then he should vacate the seat and head back to DDS. We will not stand for his incompetence and his own sub-clans selfish interests.

Middle Juba needs to be freed now. Not in two years or four years. The time is now!
I understand fully why Ahmed madobe doesn’t want to free it but why doesn’t farmajo?
For anyone wondering why madobe doesn’t want to liberate buale here is my speculation:

1. he stands to lose a lot of his soldiers on whom he heavily relies on to keep his power. If he didn’t have these soldiers he would have been captured by the Ethiopians back when they flew into his den.

2. He uses buale as a defense mechanism and if it falls he too falls. Why? Because if farmajo takes out alshabab in buale he will have much more support from international community as well as from amisom and Somali citizens. On top of that only kismaanyo would remain as far as an opposition city in the south and he would absolutely attack it the day after he gets buale. As you can see it is not in Ahmed madobes best interest for buale to be captured just yet:


It's all so tiresome
Madobe would be risking his own limited military resources.

Other factions could secretly use this to attack his forces under the guise of AS.

So his only option is to protect his stronghold.

Selfish but rulers have their own priority.