why does this allways happen

Habesha are not Cushitic. They are Semites by definition.
People here like the OP believe that Cushitic is a race lol. They lack common sence and believe in there bullshit to a tense degree.:noneck:

Prepare for an onslaught of "you Arab booty clapper" or, "salafi millatent" posts. :wowsweat:

You. Have. Been. Warned. :ufdup:
It's interesting how South Semitic/Arabian languages, such as Sabean are extinct in Arabia due to the dominance of Arabic, but it's descendants thrived in the Horn of Africa at the expense of Cushitic languages.
Not for long tho, Oromos have already took Beta Ahmara (Wollo) .

And Oromos are now the largest ethnicity in Ethiopia.

Even there last king was a Oromo decedent .

Hebeshas are screwed lol. :liberaltears:


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