Why do you Somalis hate each other?


Ted Kaczynski respecter
It’s all about power. Intellectually average, or below-average, black males and especially immigrant black males have very little power in Western society. Unimpressive academics, poor job outlooks, no savings and a lot of daily life stressors—this is their reality. This leaves them feeling vulnerable and unable to control their own destinies—which is true. So they want to cling to what little power that they do have, at last historically, which is cultural power over females. But with the rise of feminism, they’re losing even this small plot. Which makes them angry, and has mobilized them to the defense of patriarchy. It’s similar to the poor and working class whites who support Trump—they do it because they hope that he will preserve the traditional privilege attached to white skin that has started to erode in recent years.

The type of Somali guys that do not hate Somali women and are unthreatened by feminism are those who feel secure in their place in the world, and have something to look forward to. And they see powerful Somali women as an asset and partner in that life, not a threat.
Men generally across every spectrum of income prefer a submissive wife though. Women in return generally prefer a more dominant man across the board. Hierarchically disparate couples in the manner I described reach higher reproductive success which is why “traditional” marriages tend to have a lot more kids and last longer. You could say it’s the natural inclination, since successful reproduction was the end-game for most of human history.

Feminism necessarily brings along with it a strain of anti-natalism which is becoming more and more of a problem in the West which has abandoned patriarchal structures. Men are checking out socially, economically and sexually since they see no apparent gain in getting married or even being in an relationship without the benefit of being the head of their family. I think a study came out recently which shows that the West is having less sex than ever, and the problem was independent of pornography which flies in the face of earlier assumptions.

I don’t think the problem is as easy as you make it out to be, rather, I would think that very poor & vulnerable men would prefer an extra income, but strong independent women don’t generally want those men. If we look at the most successful men from a socioeconomic standpoint like the monarchies that still exist, or super-rich billionaires in places other than the West, they tend to have several kids by several women who are both concubines and stay-at-home moms.


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane

It seems to me that third wave feminisms actually feeds into religious extremism and vice versa. But why do so many feminists embrace Sharia Law ? They just seem like they wouldn't go together. Maybe, it's just me....
If many feminists support shariah law then i support feminism guuul feminism