Why do you guys hate liberalism ?

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Look at the way the Muslims invade Europe and illegally cross their borders with their 9 children. More Muslims illegally enter Europe then they go do Hajj annually.

Once they get their papers in London or Stockholm, they can't keep their mouths shut about how much they hate the West and how they hate the gaalo that treated them with dignity, something their leaders and neighbors didn't do

Africa’s Scramble for Europe

Colonial Pay back is a nasty maffaka!

If Africans were to migrate to Europe at the rate Mexicans have migrated to America since 1970, Millman notes, by 2050 a quarter of Europe’s population would be African-born.


Don't look too far. Just see the replies and the 'Likes' to those replies in this thread and that should tell you a lot. Almost all of them live in the West (some of them were either born in the West or lived here most of their lives), are not planning to move back home any time soon and day and night they keep complaining about the West. That's what religion does to some human brains. Such ungrateful hypocrites!
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