Why do we refer to allah as a he?


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Allah is the Creator of both sexes. We do not attribute being male or being female to Allah. We only describe Allah as He describes himself or as His Prophet (peace be upon him) describes Him.

The primary reason that the pronoun “He” is used to refer to Allah is that He chooses to use the pronoun for Himself.

It is also in conformity with the dictates of the Arabic language in which the Qur’ân was revealed. Indeed, Allah says: “Verily this is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. With it came down the Faithful Spirit to your heart – so that you may be among those who give warning – in a clear Arabic tongue.” [Sûrah al-Shu`arâ’: 192-195]

In the Arabic language, there in no pronoun with a neutral gender equivalent to the English “it”. (Even in English, this neutral gendered pronoun is not to be used for beings possessing the attributes of knowledge, power and will. In English, it would be a sign of disrespect to use the pronoun “it” in such a context.)

In Arabic, when the gender of the subject is unknown or unspecified or when the subject is plural and contains both male and female individuals, the masculine pronoun will be used. In Arabic, the masculine pronoun is the default pronoun. It does not have to imply masculinity. It can be used by a speaker without masculinity being intended

By contrast, female pronouns like “she” in Arabic are used exclusively when the subject is female. Feminine pronouns cannot be used in any other context. Therefore, it is obvious why the pronoun “she” would not be used to refer to Allah, since that would indeed be specifying a gender.

Feminazis who keep calling Allah a she just stop talking about Islam kafir.

why is this even controversial? I think IslamQA already had a fatwa on this. Allah has been referred to as a "He" for as long as this religion has been around and there's no need to worry about it because it offends the feminazis


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You've already answered your question but I will answer it in a simpler fashion.

Let's talk about the word: "Things".

Usually all things in the world are divided into Masculine and Feminine. That rule is used by all known languages of the world. One of the basic principles of communication is that everything is to be spoken of in such a way that it makes it stand out and distinguishes its gender.

So now you know that if it is possible to describe anything as being either masculine or feminine, when it cannot be described as such in any real sense, then a language may prefer to speak of something in the masculine, as that is easier and it is the basic principle; there is no need to add any specific marker [such as an extra letter or syllable to indicate the feminine], as the feminine stems from the masculine.

So when a thing doesn't have specific gender that we can call upon then we address it using the masculine form because it's the original form. Feminine form is derived and stems from the masculine form.

The masculine word of Arabic "هو/Huwa" is the word Allah described and called himself.

He's all knowing, most wise and the most powerful. He's the exalted and creator of all things. He's the author of all existence. He's the KING FOR ALL who CLAIM SOVEREIGNTY. He's the ever living, the self subsisting, the enternal and the only absolute.
Refer to this quote

People use he as it is another form of a singular gender neutral pronoun. The only true singular gender neutral pronoun we have is "it" which may sound disrespectful. So people tend to use both "they" and "he" as alternatives. So you are most likely the only person to over complicate a pronoun by associating it heavily with a gender, to the point you use the opposite pronoun which is exclusively used for females.
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Refer to this quote
basically, "he" is a gender neutral pronoun. It was most commonly used before the 14th century but nowadays has been replaced by "they" for gender neutral pronouns. Some people still use "he" though.

In the quran Allah swt also refers to himself as "we". Does that mean allah is more than 1? Of course not, it's just that during those times royalty or figures who saw themselves as holy would refer to themselves using the pronoun "we".

You need to understand that the quran wasn't written in english and neither was it written recently, luckily for most of the language bits it's very similar to old english so it's easier to explain.


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