Why do some of you brag about having intercourse?

Y’all are disgusting zanis what the hell is wrong with you? You commit a huge sin then go on bragging about getting that “booty”. Then I see you in the next thread talking about wanting to marry a pure, religious, and virgin Muslimah. Who the hell do you think you are?
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Men run this world, so shut upp. There is a reason we ger rid of your +&#


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there's so many guys that go clubbing, sleep around, than giving lectures about the importance of Islam

And how they want to settle down and marry your standard hijabi that comes from a deeply religious family a virgin girl thats going to raise his kids to be good muslims

Its so hypocritical


"Only the weak demand equality..."
See guys.... This is what happens when you give Xalimos access to the internet.... Send them all back to the kitchen. :camby: